Solving Tool Drawer Issues

The tool drawer issue

Tools drawers are ideal for woodcrafters because of the storage benefits that they provide. The use of tool drawers arises two major issues; fortunately, they are not associated with small and handy tool drawers. Large tool drawers occupy wide space. If you have a spacious workspace, then heavy-duty tool drawers are no problem but if this is not the case, you will need to take some additional measures to ensure that tools storage is properly organised.

The second major issue is that the use of large tool drawers reduces the space that can be otherwise used for carrying out the wood crafting or similar work. Hence, they may reduce work efficiency.

Substituting tools

Tools often share a number of common characteristics, enabling the user to carry out two tasks with the help of one tool. For example, a car mechanic can use a long screw driver instead of a tuning fork for separating control arm from a ball joint. With expertise, you can learn to analyse where the tools can be substituted for one another. This analytic approach can also help you save huge purchasing costs.

Multi-use tools

Some tools are so designed that they incorporate a number of tools. ‘Lineman’s pliers’ is a common example. They incorporate a gripper and cutter, and can also be used as a hammer. Multi-use tools are revolutionary for craftsman as the quality of multi-use tools is high and through the use of these tools, they can carry out a number of tasks.

The use of multi-use tools can contribute towards solving the storage problem as you will no longer need multiple tools for cutting, shaping, measuring and other tasks. Multi-use tools can also save huge amounts of money.